Monday, March 18, 2013

Beauty and Fear: on Amanda Palmer's TED talk

I watched Amanda Palmer's TED talk tonight.  I haven't spoken since.  It takes a lot to make me speechless.

But there's something about an artist - I may not be able to talk, but neither can I stay silent.  So here I am.  Talking to you.

And after listening to her talk, that's more what I wish this blog could be.  More what I would like to make it.  You and me, talking.

I find it obvious and intuitive to break the "rules" of music.  I see no rules, only pathways that I may or may not take.  But society...I find it a good day when I'm aware of the rules of society at all, and a very good day when I don't break any.  But is that really who I am?

I haven't always been.  Many parts of my life have been defined by radicalism.  Now about as radical as I get is simply being a musician without a "real job."  I still want to play by the rules.  The rules that don't really want me to be who I am.

I don't want to ask for things.  I want to get hired, do my job, get paid, and end of transaction.  I just want "my job" to be a musician.  And maybe it doesn't work like that.  And maybe that's a good thing.

Because it means I get to ask.  To ask you.  Yea.  You.  Amanda says I should let you help me.  Alright then.  Here's a start.  I want you to follow this blog, and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Then when you come to a show, I want you to talk to me.  Ask me for an autograph if you're so inclined.  Or about my gear.  Buy some merch.  Buy me a drink (please, after the show. I don't drink before I perform). But make sure we talk.  I'll freak out.  And it's ok.  I still want to talk to you.

And if you think I'm a self-entitled prick for asking for a handout...then I want you to come talk to me, too.
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