Guitar Lessons: Doctrine of Woodshed

Guitar Lesson 1
Add 9 Chords
An idea for writing interesting harmonic parts in heavy music

Guitar Lesson 2

Playing Legato: Rise of the Machines 
Playing long legato lines with an excerpt from "Rise of the Machines"

Guitar Lesson 3
Left Hand Tapping: Revelation
A different kind of legato playing involving open strings, featuring an excerpt from "Revelation"

Guitar Lesson 4
Woodshed Boot Camp: Part 1
How to learn difficult passages by using a metronome

Guitar Lesson 5
Boot Camp Part 2: Right Hand Speed
How to increase your right hand speed. First in a series on overcoming common technique problems - "Speed Limits."

Guitar Lesson 6
Boot Camp Part 3: Right Hand Accuracy
Training your right hand to be more accurate.  Second lesson on Speed Limits

Guitar Lesson 7
Boot Camp Part 4: Right Hand Accuracy continued
Alternate picking while changing strings. Adding melodic movement to last week's lesson.

Guitar Lesson 8  

Boot Camp Part 5: Scale Fragments
Scale fragments are versatile, effective exercises

Guitar Lesson 9
Chico's Instrumental Licks: Two Hand Tapping, part 1
The first of two tapping licks from Chico's Instrumental 2
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