Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chico's Instrumental 2

Here's the second instrumental I wrote just for you guys, the readers of Chico's World.

My main goal with this one was to showcase a couple two handed licks that I've been working on.  One involves four finger tapping, and the other has way more string changes than a typical tapping lick a'la Eddie van Halen.  In keeping with my goal of cranking out material quickly, there's definitely a few bugs, though.  The main one is that I'm not satisfied with the transitions.  The solo in the B section sounds like two different guitarists trading licks instead of a cohesive solo.  But I ultimately decided to just run with it - the goal was to showcase the tapping licks, and I did that.  

This one also showcases some of my more melodic playing.  There's a serious Steve Lukather influence going on at the beginning of the B section (starts around :39).  I wanted to create some contrast between shredding and soaring melodies.

I also wanted to do some soloing over odd time in this piece - though there's some trickery involved here.  The A section is "5/8 7/8 7/8 5/8 6/8 6/8".  But, all of that adds up to three measures of 12/8, which is how I thought about the solo.  So the astute among you will notice some push and pull between the guitar and the drums in the A section.  

I intend to take a few Doctrine of Woodshed lessons (my guitar lesson column here) and cover some of the more interesting licks from this solo.

Doctrine of Ethos - EP - Doctrine of Ethos    

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