Monday, January 14, 2013

Blogging Resurrection: The Game: The Movie: The Game

So here's take two of blogging.  This time with a twist.

This blog is now shameless dedicated to Tripod and Doctrine of Ethos.  But there's a bit of a rub - neither of those two entities put out enough news to keep anyone's attention.  Don't worry - there's plenty going on, but between Tripod being seasonal and Doctrine trying to find a home for our album we don't have alot to share with our loyal fans lately.

So here's the deal.
I'm gonna talk about music.  I have a masters in theory, and quite a few things to say about music and how it works that are relevant to parts of our audience.  Additionally, anything else musical that comes into my weird brain may find it's way here.

Doctrine and Tripod are both music, so when we have some news, it'll find it's way here, too.  Like, take this for instance!!

Could this horrible piece of chicken scratch be  related to new Doctrine material?  And what on earth do all those fractions mean?  Join us next week for another installment of  *radio edit*. 

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